The History of
The Affluence Network (TAN)
The Affluence Network provides marketers access to the tools, resources, and education to succeed online and build the wealth and affluence they desire. Paid members have access to over 20 business and internet marketing tools directly from within their dashboard.  Members are guided step-by-step through the system and taught the fundamental skills to reach their full potential.  Members are encouraged to advance through the system while honing their skills and knowledge inside the Fast Track Training and knowledge Library as well as from any one or more of the advanced marketing strategy courses taught by 50 of the most successful instructors in the field.  The Affluence Network’s affiliate compensation program far surpasses anything else like it, which is set up to provide a long-term source of income to its affiliates that can be infinitely scaled.

The Affluence Network goes far beyond any other marketing network in providing value to its members through not only the training, tools, and commissions, but also through its member community and the involvement of its leadership.
The idea of The Affluence Network or "TAN" was envisioned and conceptualized by long time marketer and entrepreneur Troy R J Hogg (aka Troy James or TJ).

His original idea was to educate through a graduated system that takes complete beginners through the steps to achieve ultimate success in all aspects of internet marketing to achieve prosperity. Once prosperity was achieved in large numbers of members, TJ knew that the group as a whole could benefit the world in much needed areas through philanthropy of different sorts.

His earliest development started in late 2010 when he first began building out his idea for TAN as a part time hobby. In early 2011, Troy had been speaking with one of his long-time customers and the topic of The Affluence Network came up. The customer was Professor Ron Wiseman (the Professor) and he started providing TJ with several great concepts that he should consider to add to the system.

The Professor had a fair bit of experience in affiliate marketing and network marketing already and several ideas were born as to how the affiliate program should work for interested members. The concept of “by invite only” was also created as the concept started to flourish. 
The idea of “by invite only” came from the success of companies like Costco, Price Club, and Pinterest among others. The idea that only existing members could invite new members to the business worked well for these massively successful companies in the past and so the idea was permanently added to TAN.

In January 2012, Troy had realized that the Professor should be a part of the business because of how much input he had been contributing over the past year and saw that he was a valuable asset to the future network. The Professor accepted and the concept started to grow much faster with a new backend tracking system by the designer of other successful systems at the time and TAN had started to take on a life of its own.

During this entire time, TJ was enduring a few difficulties with his businesses and personal life. As stated in a 2013 comment from Troy James, “You cannot be a successful entrepreneur online without having failures along the road to success. It is a fact of the world we live in and it has always been the case of every entrepreneur that has ever tried to become successful.”

Troy and the Professor would continue to test theories on different ways to make money online and identify how they could be scaled. Some of the issues they would face are that the education and the ways things operate and evolve so fast that the original materials for the network would become outdated too quickly.
In 2015 the two innovators understood that all marketers used software as a service (Saas) to assist in their marketing endeavours and for the most part, these hadn’t changed much over time.

It was then that the two decided to offer several everyday services into their network as a staple to the business that would eventually become the backbone service the company would offer as their “main products”. Troy was also introduced to cryptocurrencies through another well-known marketer around this same time and this too would later be introduced into TAN.

They knew that by having the services marketers used and needed every day, available at lower prices and through a centralized dashboard, they could gain attention and interest from many other marketers and build from there. Their concept of providing education wasn’t forsaken but it became obvious that education alone could not be the predominant product to the system.
This concept would evolve when Troy hired a number of developers to design and build out software products that would be his own versions of the services marketers use every day.

It was at this point that his software teams were simultaneously developing hundreds of marketing software products for TJ, some for TAN and some to be launched separately, and he began inviting customers to become partners on certain tools and product launches. This is when Troy would be introduced to a gentleman by the name of Jeremy Smith (aka JT or Jack Topper).

Jack was initially introduced as a customer, joining on as one of the “partners” to a few of the joint idea products TJ was developing. Very quickly Jack was stepping in to assist Troy’s staff on small assignments and projects as his own business had slowed down due to the economy and the industry he was in. In May 2015 Troy offered Jack a full-time position in his company, which Jack accepted.
It wasn’t long after that TJ had more personal issues that had forced The Affluence Network into the back seat for a while. Jack had been having favorable success of his own on the internet and had set up his own companies prior to meeting Troy with his own merchant accounts.

He offered Troy to buy in as his majority partner and to keep The Affluence Network projects going by providing his source to continue sales and services to which Troy would receive a percentage if he stayed involved as designer and chairman.

This was consulted with the Professor and they all agreed it was the smartest move at the time because of the personal situations TJ had to deal with at the time.
This turned out to be the smartest move Troy could have done for his company, staff, and for gaining large momentum back.
After the personal issues Troy had to deal with were close to being resolved he started becoming more hands on with Jack and the Professor again. They realized if the network was going to be something of the likes that no one had ever seen before, it was going to cost a lot more money. TJ decided to take on several more marketing contracts for customers and long term associates to earn the extra money. He did this to see the projects through and finish the Affluence Network.

In early 2016, TJ began experiencing some serious health issues which were affecting his ability to stay focused and started having regular medical tests done to figure out the cause.

Many in his organization and family believes this was due to the high stress levels he was under and the amount of hours he was working daily in order to keep up with everything he was trying to accomplish for himself and everyone else.

The Affluence Network and TJ’s side products were all back into development and nearing completion as he always said they would. Although he lost a bunch of his product partners due to delays, Troy did have a large number of people that still believed in what he was doing and understood the time that successful product development took. Several of these people partnered with TAN to help pay for the final developments of the network and expedite its release.
Through one of the marketing contracts TJ took on, he met David Wilson and Daniel “Dan” Schwartz. This contract had been for a new network marketing company, which had similarities to TAN. It was experiencing some severe growing pains and needed someone with the expertise such as TJ does, to help save it.

Since he had just gone through these types of developments for his own company, TJ offered many viable options for consideration, to which some were taken up and some were not and a contract for work was entered into.

He approached David and Dan about some issues he was facing with this company and found they too had been experiencing similar difficulties.
TJ also found out how well these two gentlemen understood network and affiliate marketing.

He would also learn that they had quality contacts that could potentially help TAN get off the ground.

Not wanting to take from his client, he proposed that the two gentlemen work with him on TAN, while continuing with their existing company, and in that they found synergy as the group all shared a similar vision. 
The corporate structure of The Affluence Network was starting to take shape.
Never one to ever give up, Troy kept fighting through his increasingly poor health condition and kept the development of his projects on track with the help of Jack and the Professor. 
It was at this time TJ decided to name Jack as the CEO of The Affluence Network while he would stay on as Chairman of the Board only in a part time position once the company was launched.

TJ had to see TAN and his partnership projects through until the end to satisfy his own soul and desire to help those that stuck with him through thick and thin achieve success and return for their patience and loyalty.

In September 2016 the Affluence Network was really starting to take shape as the software services were wrapping up development and the team decided to rebuild the backend operating system to better suit the current standards of earnings in the affiliate industry.

They also decided that the courses being taught inside the system should be taught by subject matter experts who were proven to be established and highly successful in each niche sector of internet marketing and not solely by the Professor, Troy and Jack alone, as things evolve too quickly.

It was at this time they started inviting industry leaders that had proven they had made a minimum of $1MM online within a short couple of years and knew the ins-and-outs of every aspect of their sub-niche topics. 
These experts would be classified as the TAN Instructors and only the very “best of the best” were invited.

These instructors were hand selected over a course of six months and the team had really strengthened the vision that Troy, The Professor and Jack had contemplated beginning over five and a half years previously.

With the insight from Dan and David, the team realized that they needed more than themselves to run the organization if they wanted to become a global dominating company for the long term.

That led them to hiring a well-known head hunter from the corporate world to start locating qualified and experienced corporate heads of business to come into the network as the top tier management of the company.

These individuals would not only come from the internet marketing world or the network marketing industry but also from key positions in corporate every day structures of business. The key focus was to find the proper people that knew how to run businesses that generated hundreds of millions.

They all have an understanding of both marketing and affiliate marketing but are also experts in their own fields of practice to which they were hired for in The Affluence Network.
The Affluence Network has now developed into Troy's and Professor's long-time dream and will be enjoyed by hundreds of thousands of people, for years to come.
For those of you readers that are coming into The Affluence Network just now and reading this for the first time, you must understand a few things.

Although this history reveals not only the ups but also the downs and even shares a bit of a rough story of Troy’s visions, dreams and past.

It’s important to understand that the man’s accomplishments have been vast and his innovations have been revolutionary to the marketing industry.
Although the tone of this article is that he was frequently broken by health issues and business problems, the man has provided incomes to 163+ sub-contract employees and is known globally as both a visionary in marketing and one of the best viral marketers to have ever lived to date.

He never stopped producing revenue so that his employees would continue to be paid (He did this utilizing several of the tips and techniques that you will learn inside TAN) and he stayed the course for his visions no matter what he went through.
He has never earned less than 7 figures per annum inside the companies he was involved in, for a very long time, no matter the situations he was continually under during the development of The Affluence Network. His vision is now our reality!
TJ has worked for the likes of the entertainment industry, in its many facets, billionaires, and industry leaders for over two decades.

Although he is not involved in the daily operations of The Affluence Network, he continues to attend board meetings and share his visionary insights into the newest trends and innovations with potential for adaptation and integration into the network so that the members can further prosper and help the world in these dark times.

Troy has still been focused on completing his partnership projects and has been pursuing his other life long dream of becoming an actor in film and television to which has already kicked off in a big way. 
We plan on hosting our founder at events to for the growing business and share with all of you a man with the integrity and vision to help millions of others globally.

His vision will live on in The Affluence Network and, although he has gone into an industry of lesser stress to regain his health, we know he will never be gone for good as his vision will live on as long as there are people that desire to live the dreams of being affluent and successful while helping others as he and the Professor originally envisioned for their project.
The history of The Affluence Network demonstrates that it is possible to take a vision of creating an online network, which provides marketers access to tools, resources, and the education to succeed, at a level never seen or attempted before, from a one man's idea to a full fledged reality. Despite facing challenges, setbacks, and serious health issues along the way, Troy James never gave up on his dream of bring TAN into existence and helping others to succeed at reaching their goals for wealth and prosperity.
You can not be a successful entrepreneur and not bear challenges and difficulties along the way…
Pave Your Own Path And Don’t Let Anyone Stop You From Living Your Dreams!
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