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The ultimate training we will provide to all members is how to change your life by becoming an affiliate to the Affluence Network.

By becoming a qualified affiliate, you unlock special training, bonus software and an incredible way to earn month after month on pure auto-pilot.

The amount of work you will need to apply is minimal and the amount you could earn is substantial.

Never has there been a system so powerful and so lucrative in our industry or any industry for that matter.

The creators of the Affluence Network took the concept of offering a multitiered affiliate program that pays on a monthly basis for the work you did once. The beautiful part about the system is it truly sells itself.

Just offer your leads and contacts the opportunity to check out the system for free. They will be given access to see everything that is included in The Affluence Network and can ultimately decide for themselves within the first 30 days.

This is Our "No-Pressure" Selling Policy

Once inside they will see the extreme value and knowledge they can gain from a system like this and will, like most people, will join because it truly is a no brainer. If they too become an affiliate and refer people, you earn from their efforts as well.

In fact you earn from everyone that comes in after you from those you invited initially. This is easily described as compounding commissions.

Our creator looked at all the best aspects of network marketing and multi-tiered affiliate marketing to produce the absolute ultimate way for everyone in the Affluence Network to make money.

Here’s how the compensation plan works…
The Affluence Network Affiliate
Compensation Plan
Bronze Compensation Plan
Entry Level
The bronze level could be compared to a network marketing binary compensation plan and is applicable to sales of the $97 monthly product portfolio or the entry level system. To qualify, affiliates must prove themselves with 2 sales to others (not themselves) to fully activate their affiliate position. The first 2 sales immediately under your position are your qualifying sales. These sales may either be made by you, or by your upline on your behalf. Sales are placed into left and right legs under active participating affiliate members. The goal is to balance the left and right legs, since affiliates are paid commission based on the smaller of the two legs.
After their first 2 qualifying sales, affiliates earn a $10 commission per sale in their smaller leg for each sale that affiliates or ANYONE IN THEIR DOWNLINE makes, to infinite depth. To prevent more commission from being paid out than sales taken in, there is a maximum amount of $2,500 that any one position can earn each month, and when an affiliate reaches that maximum, affiliates are given a “new position”(ie. TAN Business Center) automatically to continue building the downline of their first position, so their total earnings can continue to grow and grow.

In this example, position “A” has sold to “B” and “C”, who are also affiliates. “A” is then qualified, but does not receive commission for those two sales, since they are qualifying sales. The totals on the lines to the left and right of “A”, “B” and “C” indicate the number of eligible downline sales for commission. “A” commission of $10 per eligible downline sale is paid for EACH of the sales in the smaller leg. “A” has 24 on the left, and 14 on the right. So,“A” earns a commission of $10 for each sale on the smaller side (14), for a total of $10 x 14 = $140. “B” has 12 on the left side, and 10 on the right, so “B” earns $10 x 10 = $100. “C” has 6 on each side, so C earns $10 x 6 = $60.

The power of the Hybrid-Affiliate Compensation Plan is that affiliates ONLY NEED 2 SALES to get started. After that a participating Affluence Affiliate just helps their downline make sales, so they can profit. Any sales the affiliate makes beyond the first two will not only earn them more money, but will help their downline affiliates qualify faster, which earns them -- and THE AFFILIATES -- even more. Affiliates get paid on the sales of their ENTIRE DOWNLINE.

Here affiliates are now in profit!
This is generated from both direct and in-direct sales.

Take-Away Notes for the Qualifying Bronze Level Affiliates:

Think of it this way, because it is very simple. Once an affiliate qualifies after making 2 personal sales, every time a sale is made, by the affiliate or anyone in their downline, the affiliates increase their earnings. Imagine having three, four or five people all working for you as an affiliate, each generating sales for each TAN business center an affiliate holds (Note: A business center is another name for position held within a given affiliate comp plan). Now, think about how much money an affiliate can make when they have DOZENS or even HUNDREDS of people - EACH all working to generate sales for the business centers a member affiliate holds - all around the world, and all around the clock. This is what every internet marketer and product creator has always dreamed of but few achieve. With The Affluence Network, everyone that qualifies achieves this for the life of the company as long as they continue to pay for their membership services as well. All affiliates are members first. We believe that to properly sell a system, you must believe in the system yourself.

Since each affiliate member gets another position (ie. TAN Business Center) in his or her downline of their first position once it reaches this maximum payout level, the member still earns the $2,500, plus all earnings from the new position until it maxes out at $2,500, and then a new position is created again, thus infinite growth and infinite earnings. The overall earnings potential of each member is unlimited. All you need to sign up is two aggressive marketers and your earnings will undoubtedly explode in a positive way from their efforts.

The participating affiliate MUST qualify by selling two positions in the main system for two reasons. 1.) To commence life-time commissions and 2.) To be invited into the Accelerator programs where earnings are accumulated much faster. Without the (2) qualifying leads (Paid members), the Accelerator program will not be unlocked and the TAN Affiliate will not be invited until this commitment is made. (Action = Rewards)

The Affluence Network was designed with success in mind and thus the qualifying leads was developed. By achieving these qualifiers, we essentially help our members pave their own ways to success. This covers their monthly fees to be a part of the Affluence Network system so all further sales commissions go directly in their pocket. It is highly recommended that affiliates do not stop at only their two qualifiers as there is a wealth of knowledge in the Affluence Network for their associates but by inviting more qualified sales, affiliates pave their own road to success!

(Please note: As the system builds them a new Business Center upon earning their maximum commissions for the previous center, the affiliate will be required to pay that next additional monthly fee for the newly activated center to continue their income growth. This is done automatically and is deducted from the active affiliates commissions and never comes from their own pockets past their initial membership fees. As this occurs, members will be able to access additional “hidden software and courses” for their growth monthly fees as TAN evolves.)

After You Have Achieved Your Two Qualifying Members into the Affluence Network…

You Will Want to Activate Your Accelerator Positions as Soon as Possible!

The Accelerator positions were designed for affiliates only. The kind of people that are go getters and want the most out of life and a given opportunity. For these kinds of people we created four very unique ways to increase their earnings to the highest degrees possible!

Anyone that qualifies to be a part of the Accelerator programs will quickly learn how to become independently wealthy and will have access to knowledge and services most never even knew existed.

This is where The Affluence Network sets the bench higher than all the other opportunities affiliates can be doing globally.

You earn a commission on every Affluential Accelerator direct sale you make, except your 3rd, 5th, and 7th sales. These commissions get passed up to the next qualified sponsor in your upline.In return, you will now receive all 3rd, 5th, and 7th sales commissions generated under you, which stems from any direct affiliate members you referred, (from your direct sales 1, 2, 4, 6, 8 and beyond to infinity). 

Each affiliate member earns infinitely wide (except their pass up sales 3, 5, 7) and infinitely deep (each member collects all commissions created under their genealogy tree, which are numbered 3, 5,7, that fall under their direct sales 1, 2, 4, 6, 8 to infinity), monthly. These "pass ups" are known as powerline (aka payline) sales. 

Although these may be looked upon in a negative light, this is typically confusing initially for members until they realize that the bulk of their earnings will transpire from these paylines as they build out their Accelerator qualifying positions…
Incredible Leverage - Behold, the power of 3!
The progression of your powerline pass up commissions is multiplied by 3 each level down the leg (assuming each member becomes an affiliate, and makes at least 7 sales). 1st level is 3 (your first qualified member must pass up 3 commissions to you), 2nd level is 9 (each of those 3 who got passed up to you, must give you 3 more pass ups), 3rd level is 27, the 4th level is 81, the 5th level is 243 - keep multiplying times 3 each level down you go. And this all stems from just one qualified sale (in this case, your 1st sale). It should be every active Affluential Accelerator member’s goal to find “8” interested parties that will participate in the 4 Affluential Accelerator Programs to maximize their commission potential and fast track themselves to extreme wealth.
Accelerator Chart Example:

Your income potential can literally multiply itself, exponentially and automatically. This process can repeat itself over and over and over again with every sale you make. The easy potential for 4, 5, 6 and even 7 figure commissions monthly is highly possible.

The Affluence Network has 4 separate and highly powerful Accelerator Programs for Affiliates ONLY! Meaning the products inside each Accelerator Program is ONLY for qualifying affiliates.

(Remember: A qualified affiliate is someone that is a paid member of The Affluence Network, then joined the TAN affiliate program and has invited two people to become paid members themselves and registered to become affiliates.)

To achieve access to each new Accelerator program from the previous one, each affiliate MUST also qualify for each new level. To qualify you MUST invite (3) active (paid) members from your initial compensation invites to the Silver Accelerator (Entry Level). These qualified members MUST be qualified affiliates from the initial Affluence Network system (also to be considered as the Bronze Level). If they are not qualified affiliate members themselves, they will be blocked from the invite of the Affluent Accelerator Programs until they have reached qualifying status and will only be able to see the preview to these programs and what they offer. These previews will display the products available to each Accelerator Program and the compensation examples they can achieve as qualified affiliates.

Compensation Examples
By Levels
Compensation Plan Example
Monthly Payment $147
Compensation Breakdown:

Admin fee is $73.50, sponsor gets $73.50. The sponsor needs 5 sales ($367.50), they NET $220.50 (after their cost to join the Silver Level), so now they have earned more than enough to join the Gold Level after they have successfully activated their 3 qualifying members in the Silver Level.

(Reminder: To become a member of the Silver Level, you must invite 2 qualified (paid) members in the Bronze (entry) level.)

Compensation Plan Example
Monthly Payment $197
Compensation Breakdown:
Admin fee is $98.50, sponsor gets $98.50. The sponsor needs 5 sales ($492.50), they NET $295.50 (after their monthly cost), so now they have earned more than enough to join the Platinum Level after they have successfully activated their 3 qualifying members in the Gold Level.

(Reminder: To become a member of the Gold Level, you must invite 3 qualified (paid) members in the Silver level.)

Compensation Plan Example
Monthly Payment $247
Compensation Breakdown:
Admin fee is $123.50, sponsor gets $123.50. The sponsor needs 5 sales ($617.50), they NET $370.50 (after their cost), so now they earned more than enough to join the Affluence Network’s Highest Affiliate Level, the Diamond Level after they have successfully activated their 3 qualifying members in the Platinum Level.
(Reminder: To become a member of the Platinum Level, you must invite 3 qualified (paid) members in the Gold level.)
Compensation Plan Example
Monthly Payment $297
Compensation Breakdown:
Admin fee is $148.50, sponsor gets $148.50. The sponsor needs 8 sales ($1,188.00), they NET $194.00 (after their cost), so now they earned more than enough to join the Affluence Network’s Highest Affiliate Level, the Legacy Level after they have successfully activated their 5 qualifying members in the Platinum Level.
(Reminder: To become a member of the Diamond Level, you must invite 5 qualified (paid) members in the Platinum level.)
Compensation Plan Example
Monthly Payment $697
Compensation Breakdown:
Admin fee is $348.50, sponsor gets $348.50. At this level the member becomes a Legacy Level advisor and will be asked to speak on behalf of the company at corporate events. The education and tools at this level will provide the members with multiple sources of income on the highest standard of online education. Their incomes become infinite without further restrictions or qualifications. The potential for mass affiliate commissions becomes exceptionally easy.
(Reminder: To become a member of the Legacy Level, you must invite 8 qualified (paid) members in the Diamond level and wait for your exclusive invitation before you can proceed.)
Take-Away Notes:
All sales on the above Accelerator chart go to you (except your direct sales of 3,5 and 7 which are passed up to your sponsor), additionally you earn those from your direct sales as well, (paylinesales commissions of 3,5,7 on each direct and indirect sales initiated by you), and while only 3 "powerline levels" are shown here (for simplicity), powerline sales do not end there.

Actual powerlines may run infinitely deep (so long as there is continued growth below).  The above example represents possible commissions you can make, stemming from just one sale, if that member and all members below them become affiliates, and they all make at least 8 sales. This is the best-case scenario, which is highly unlikely to happen, but that's not the point…

The point is - this comp plan has amazing potential - and you have tremendous leverage with your affiliate powerline team members who DO make a success of the system. It is important for members to recognize who has the potential to help you achieve these numbers and assist them wherever possible.

Although you only require “3” qualified members in order to access the next Accelerator Level, it is recommended to achieve a minimum of 8 sales to qualified affiliate members so that you guarantee your future success as not all members will have the drive or desire to achieve success as much as you.

With the Affluence Network your income potential can literally multiply itself, exponentially and automatically! 

This process can repeat itself over and over again with every sale you make. The Affluence Network was created to help those seeking success, achieve it in the easiest and most educated ways possible. Selling online and affiliate marketing is two of the key factors we focus on in the Affluence Network and members are encouraged to participate in order to properly learn all education and strategies within.

Although there have been and will continue to be many multi-tiered affiliate programs that pay decently, none have ever attempted this scale of value, education and scale of earnings potential. The combination of the education, tools (Software as a Service or SaaS’) and our affiliate program is here to simplify wealth creation for those that are willing to apply themselves in the easiest ways possible.

Commisions and Payouts
Although new members into the Affluence Network are paid currently through credit card, that will soon change as there is less stress and confusion by doing everything in Bitcoin. However initially all payments will be initially accepted via credit card and Bitcoin.

All commissions will be paid out via Bitcoin to each affiliate’s wallet from the beginning. T.A.N. recognizes that there must also be a cash payment option so we have added Payoneer to the network. Setting up both options in The Affluence Network is very easy to do and there are instructions available under the tab “Fast Track Training” in your members dashboard area.

We encourage everyone to use Bitcoin as the preferred way to pay and get paid as there is less restrictions on getting people paid on time and there is more about this in the training as well.

These instructions are exceptionally easy to follow and we will teach every affiliate member how to handle, trade and sell their crypto currencies for USD if they so desire.
All commissions are calculated and kept track of in the admin dashboard for all affiliates and is automatically paid 3 days after your initial affiliate sign up anniversary date, monthly. This is the first system of its kind and is fully automated. Unlike so many older outdated systems, affiliate’s commissions will never be miscalculated, missed or late for a commission payment ever again.

Affiliates have dedicated special training when joining the system that teaches every aspect of understanding of Bitcoin and receiving their commission payments so no confusion is ever created.

This should be looked upon as a great thing for a few reasons…

1. Bitcoin is here to stay and will only go up in value.

2. Banks and Merchant companies typically dislike digital product sales and will freeze the accounts of people involved in digital sales from time to time.

3. It allows for seamless automated payments to occur without human interaction.
Why You Should Consider Becoming a T.A.N. Affiliate Starting Now!
This is a brand new model that the likes of most marketers have ever seen. 
The opportunity you are being presented is leaps and bounds beyond what any other company has offered to date and as the old saying goes, “The early bird gets the worm.”

Nothing could be more true about becoming a T.A.N. Affiliate starting today.

Remember, there is power in numbers and The Affluence Network is so new that you by joining today and applying yourself just a little, you are sure to become a massive success in the months to come.

Don’t hesitate as it costs you nothing to become an affiliate once you are already a paid member of The Affluence Network and start changing your life today!

Affiliate Terms and Conditions:
NOTE: Affiliates must also abide by the general terms.


You are solely responsible for making sure your affiliate link is properly formatted. You will not be compensated for any lost sales due to an incorrectly formatted affiliate link.

Commissions will not be paid out for any sales, which for any reason were refunded, reversed or "charged back".


We make no claims on how much money you can make with our program. Your ability to earn depends on a number of factors, including where and how (and how often) you advertise the program,and the motivation and ability of those in your powerlines, to make sales.Individual results may vary.

You agree not to make any claims, unless you have real proof of such claims.


We reserve the right to show your back-office pages / success results (such as, but limited to, your payments earned), in our videos, and other promotional materials.


You agree to pay a processing fee of 10% on all commissions in the accelerator levels.

If you choose to have the company collect your commissions, you understand that all commissions earned (minus processing fees) will be released into your account after 30 days, at which time, you must submit a withdrawal request in order to be paid.

You agree to provide us with the necessary information (your tax id, full name and address) so we may pay you.


You understand your role as an affiliate marketer does not constitute a partnership, or employer / employee relationship,and affiliates are considered independent contractors, and as such, you are responsible for your own bookkeeping, taxes, and reporting, where applicable.


Members caught spamming or otherwise causing harm to our program will have their accounts terminated, and maybe prosecuted for their actions. We will investigate all allegations before taking action.
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