NOTE: We are currently in Beta Phase of our launch. New features, software tools and courses are being added daily. The reason a person would desire to join at this point is to use the existing APPs, and for the affiliate placement in our system and to watch as everything comes together inside of T.A.N. We are exhilarated to share everything T.A.N. will have to offer and we hope you join us on this exciting journey.
Are You Ready for a Different Kind of Education?
The Kind That Teaches the Exact Steps Needed to Achieve Success Online…
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Welcome to The Affluence Network
We are a collective group of members with similar goals, drives and desires to achieve success online. T.A.N. provides the collective knowledge and tools that deliver the goals you are wishing to achieve without all the fluff and guess work that other membership sites offer.

Please read down the page to see what The Affluence Network has to offer you as a new member and why this network is growing so rapidly in popularity.
af·flu·ent  -  ˈaflo͞oənt,əˈflo͞oənt/  -  adjective

(especially of a group or area) having a great deal of money; wealthy.

"the affluent societies of the western world"

in·flu·ence  - ˈinflo͝oəns/  -  noun

The capacity to have an effect on the character, development, or behavior of someone or something, or the effect itself.

"the influence of social media on our younger generation"

net·work  -  ˈnetˌwərk/  - noun

 A group or system of interconnected people or things.
The Affluence
Before you can understand how we can do this for countless numbers of people from around the world, you must first understand what the Affluence Network is…

Our founder built the idea from these simple definitions starting five and a half years ago.

“The Affluent Club for Influential People”

Join Our Instructors Who Have Earned Well Over $100,000,000 Combined Online …and Learn How to Become  Financially Free Starting Today!

Hello, my name is Jeremy Smith.

My friends call me Jack.

I’m here to share some amazing things with you right now.

You are being introduced to a new opportunity and movement that is just starting off right now. We are currently in Alpha phase which means the doors just opened and we are still implementing a lot of features.

Never before has there ever been anything like this…

Millions of people around the world are going to experience freedom like they never imagined.

The Affluence Network was designed for every walk of life that wanted to create a better world around themselves and their families. Most of our new members have little to no experience doing anything on the internet previously.

Just over a year ago I to was introduced to this very same business while it was still a vision in development. The founder had a passion like so many of us…

But his major desire was just to help make as many people successful as possible and show them the easiest ways to do so…

He opened the doors for me and now I am doing the same for you. You won’t truly understand the power and value The Affluence Network is until you hop inside. Take the opportunity before you and check out the system for yourself now.

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Why Are We Building This Opportunity?
Global Unemployment Rates Are at an All-Time High!
Global Uncertainty is Everywhere!
By Helping Others We Are Helping Ourselves...
There Are More Opportunities Now Than Ever Before in History!
Have You Ever Experienced Any of These?
  • Missed or Late Bill Payments
  • Difficulties Paying Rent or Mortgage Payments
  • Had to Tell Your Children Why There is No Holidays or Gifts on Special Occasions
  • Had to Let Key Staff Go Because Lack of Income
  • Had to Take Public Transit or Ask for Rides Because You Can Not Afford a Vehicle
  • Had to Miss Meals for Lack of Money
  • Couldn’t Get the Medical Help You or a Loved One Needed Because You Couldn’t Afford It
  • … And the List Goes on.

We have carefully crafted a way for millions of people to break free from their chains of debt...

In the Simplest and Most Effective Ways Possible!
The Affluence Network (TAN) Explained...
The Affluence Network was the development from an internet marketing professional that has been in practice for 24 years and has been five and a half years in the making of this actual system you are about to experience. He refers to this system as his legacy product and has hired all professional corporate industry leaders to operate and run the company from the ground up…

The term, “Internet Marketer” is a broad-based term that was once referenced for exactly what it was called but in more recent years is more looked upon as the strategy that many refer to as the people that “make money online”.

The Affluence Network was built with both the educational practices on the best ways to make money online currently along with the tools successful marketers use. Harness the power of a network of like minded individuals that will help you push through todays mediocre lifestyles and race for the top!

What to Expect Inside…

Any successful “internet marketer” will have several internet software they would use to achieve success through all sub-niche categories considered in the internet marketing sphere. These tools consist of an email autoresponder, Search Engine Optimization tools, Video Creation and Ranking Tools, Website Building Tools and more. All of which play a heavy hand in the success or failure online.

Typically, a professional internet marketer could pay upwards of $2,000 per month for these services which are commonly referred to as SaaS’s (Software as a Service). These services charge anywhere from $47 per month to as high as $397 per month for the convenience of being able to email thousands of people one time and speeding up manual processes that would typically take days or even weeks to do manually.
The Affluence Network upon its official launch will host 20+ SaaS’s for its members in the company’s entry level of access. The entry level of access is also referred to as the Bronze level in which members of the services will pay a nominal fee per month. Included in their membership fees is a list of educational courses, the 20+ SaaS’s, access to several world renown instructors that have had ultimate success in their sub-niche core topics that created most of the courses and the opportunity to become a corporate affiliate to earn within the system.

These instructors have provided our courses that reveal all the most successful strategies that top-level internet marketers are using to achieve great success online and are the most current and up to date educational tutorials for each topic. These courses are available in a section called the library within the membership dashboard of the Affluence Network.

The SaaS’ are available in a section called Apps within the same dashboard as seen here:

The creator of The Affluence Network wanted to develop a system so strong in providing the ability for anyone with the drive and desire to succeed to amass great success online that the question of failure was not a possibility.

The Bonus of Becoming a Member to TAN
Not only do the members receive the same kinds of great tools most successful marketers use and the education in all areas that are required to achieve success online, when the members make their monthly payment within the system each month, they are also given a bonus in The Affluence Networks’ very own cryptocurrency which can be turned into money after they understand how to do so with the Affluence Network’s initial training.

The Affluence Network is made up of 6 levels of services.

The first level is considered the bronze level and has a small fee per month as previously mentioned. It provides all the basics for the introduction to becoming successful online. There is enough education that being a member at this level can create a modest living for participants. This entry level is open to everyone.

Potential members can sign up for a free “trial” account where they can enter the system and preview the courses and tools for 30 days but will not be able to use them for their own purposes until they become a paid member. Once they have activated their account by signing up as a paid member, they get access to all the bronze level services, courses, chat forums, events and live webinars.
They also receive an equal amount of the bronze TAN tokens (cryptocurrency). Once you understand the value behind these tokens you can learn how to convert them to the currency of your choice and essentially get the TAN services for little or no cost.

If you like what TAN is teaching you as a paid member, you have already been invited to become an affiliate which can access the higher, “invite only” levels of education. These too have their own courses, software tools and crypto-tokens for each level worth higher values as you grow and prosper. People that visit will not see or experience what you can by being invited by your associate right now.
It pays to become a paid member to The Affluence Network.
To Learn More About Our Tokens and Why They Climb in Value, Click Here .
Tradable on the Following Crypto Exchanges and Growing!
The Affluence Network Industry Leading Instructors
TAN is all about wealth creation through education and awareness. Although most of the upper management of the Affluence Network is well versed and educated in most practices we preach, the company decided to retain the world’s best instructors on their sub-niche topics that are considered within the Internet Marketing sphere as being the best within the most effective ways to find success on the internet. These instructors have been hand-picked by upper management for their abilities in being easy to understand, their obvious proof of success using their own strategies and their ability to communicate with others.

These experts are considered to be second to none in their industry and we look forward to them grooming our members to get the most out of their education within the network. We welcome them all with open arms to The Affluence Network and what they bring to our members. Without them, TAN would have a far greater challenge to provide all the necessary education our members need to succeed.

As the name implies, We become Affluent through  Social Influence, Education  and  Application.
To see the instructors and their courses first hand, join the free trial to The Affluence Network now by clicking this button below!
Here is What Members Get
Inside The Affluence Network:
Introduction to Marketing 101
Understanding the Basic Principles and Necessities of Internet Marketing
Affiliate Marketing 101
Understanding Bitcoin and Cryptocurrencies to Make Money
Digital Product Creation 101
Sales Funnel Website Construction 101
Creating and Selling Courses on Udemy
Creating and Selling Courses on SkillShare
Marketing on Twitter
Marketing on Facebook
Search Engine Optimization 101
Paid Advertising on Google for Beginners
Paid Advertising on Bing
Paid Advertising on Facebook for Beginners
Marketing on YouTube
Paid Advertising on YouTube for Beginners
Marketing on Tumblr
Marketing on Instagram
Paid Advertising on Instagram for Beginners
Website Construction for Affiliate Marketing
Website Construction for Amazon Associate Earnings
Article Publishing for Money
Earning on YouTube
Making Money with Fiverr
How to Make Money Selling Private Label Products
All of our courses are taught by people that are currently doing the exact methods they show in their courses to continue to build their wealth and are considered to be the best instructors for each of these sub-niche topics. No portion of the course is missing like you will find in so many other “make money online” courses so you learn exactly what it takes to become successful online.
Receive 100+ Private Label Products
Once you are a paid member of The Affluence Network you will get instant access to over 100 PLR products in the TAN library that you can instantly download, use and sell as your very own. We teach you how! We remove all the guess work so you just have to apply the methods we teach you to succeed. There has never been an easier place to learn how to earn than The Affluence Network.
And Even More...
24+ Valuable Must Have Tools Marketers Need to Succeed Online
Email Autoresponder Service
Email Validation Tool
3x Search Engine Marketing Tools
Article Spinning Software
3x Keyword Research Tools
4x Lead Generating Tools
WordPress Site Analyzer
URL Shortener
Banner Creation Software
Video Creation Software
Video Ranking Software
Competitor Analytics Software
Mobile Landing Page & Website Creator
Social Media Automated Posting Software
And Many More...

All of the member software tools shown above with complete over the shoulder video training so you learn and understand what it takes to be successful using these tools to improve and develop your business.

There is More Than Meets the Eye with TAN
Inside The Affluence Network members get to work with industry leaders in all the sub-niche categories as mentioned previously but that’s not all!
We include chat rooms, forums, live events, live webinars, fast track training and more…
And if this all wasn’t enough, TAN takes the achievers and offers them further opportunities to expand their knowledge in over 40+ additional courses and over 30+ additional software tools to take the people that really want to succeed to the next level where the high grossing people reside.

This system was developed to take the person without any experience at all and direct them straight to the place where they can achieve their goals in record time.
Join Now for Only $97 a Month
Remember by joining as an active member in The Affluence Network you will also receive our exclusive TAN Bronze Ingot Crypto-Token that is exchangeable or saleable on over 7 Cryptocurrency Exchanges currently and growing.

All you need to do is learn the course about cryptocurrencies and Bitcoin in the TAN library and you will learn how to essentially get all the benefits of being a member at next to no cost monthly. Don’t buy another make money online course or another shiny promising software before you have thoroughly checked out The Affluence Network.

Take the free trial preview tour and see exactly what’s inside TAN before you even pay a penny! It is our commitment to you and our members to over deliver on all our products and courses as you will see inside.
Take The Free Trial Now! 
The Vision Beyond “The System”

The Affluence Network has been a long-term vision of Troy James and his business partners. The vision is one that helps millions of people around the world become financially free and to ultimately share the wealth with those in need.

With a vast successful membership, there are no challenges the world faces that our organization can not assist in helping. From natural disasters, to famine, to disease, food drives, local charities, clean water initiatives, endangered species programs and more.

It is no surprise that the world is in strife and correcting the problems on a global scale will not come from governments and authorities as we have seen in our past, it will come from the people that care.

The populations of the world hire our governments through voting systems and demand change where needed but this model is broken. The entire globe is in financial crisis and no one can provide the answers on how to fix these global problems. A network of like minded people can assist governments, organizations and cultures to see through problems by helping situations that need it the most. Unfortunately, this requires funding and leaders.

TAN was designed to help create wealth and find the leaders in our industry to help lead the way in making planet earth a place where everyone can live in harmony and without grief.

Although this is a far-off dream, larger things have been accomplished and it all started somewhere. If we don’t try to help ourselves by helping others we will never know what could have been…

The goal is to build, educate and help the world in its times of need.

The Final Words...

The Affluence Network believes that teaching the proper way combines gamification with education and remuneration based on performance and leading by example.

No one person can be truly successful in a field unless they have practiced and perfected their science or trade. Everything in the sector classified as “Internet Marketing” can broken down into a science or a trade. Everyone in the operations and management of The Affluence Network is the best at what they do and thus can influence by experience.

TAN is not just a platform to “make money”, it is about something much larger with a purpose and a meaning. It can invoke change and help on a global scale to assist in making this planet a better place to live in. A place that does not look at race, religion, gender or stature.

“We” see and work with like minded individuals to outperform other options to achieve success on a global scale without borders.

As a network, we will redefine the term success on a greater scale than any other platform, past or present!

TAN builds greatness on all levels for those that wish to participate.
The Only Question Left Now Is...

Do You Want to See
How to Become an Official

Disclaimer: Although we have tried to make this a very real representation to the closest estimate on exact numbers, these figures may change due to market fluctuations in the mined crypto-currencies and the cost of our server equipment and locations set up as well.